Articles Published

297. Opinion | The Mulbagal Murder: A Cold Case Still Burning After 30 Years
296. Opinion | Kasaragod’s Omerta Code
295. Sponsored ruckus on American University Campuses
294. See you in another Lifetime
293. Opinion | Why India Needs a Unified National Police Force
292. Weaponizing Narcotics - An effective Counter
291. LS polls: Two moons and one sun clash in Thiruvananthapuram...
290. Is Religious Engagement of bulk voters derailing Indian democratic election Process?
289. An Invitation to to the Gods to Sin.
288. Instead of political party manifestos, Why not people’s manifesto?
287. Drugs Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) - Deriving political capital from illicit trafficking.
286. General Elections – A Festival of Discord
285. Death of Kerala veterinary student | Murder most foul on campus...
284. A Memorable Vip Darshan At Tirupathi
284. Curbing outbound mobility trends of Kerala students...
283. African Imprint On Drug Trafficking In India
282. AI Era: The Lord shall fight for you....
281. K-pop addiction: Teenagers are soft targets...
280. Arabian Ramayana
279. Houthi terrorists reddening the Red Sea
278. Periodic Terror Reminders From Kashmir
277. Opinion | Myanmar Catapulted as World’s Numero Uno in Opium Production: What it Means for India
276. Opinion | Pilgrimages Sometimes Turn Out to be Lessons in Karma
275. I Sat On The Temple Steps And Begged For A Job!
274. Face to face meeting with a revolutionary insurgent
273. Opinion | Escaping The Chakravyuha: Why Israel Needs to Redefine Existing Geographical Boundaries
272. Change Bureaucracy Change Bharat
271. Kochi Infopark a drugs hub?
270. Opinion | Taking The War On Drugs Beyond Bureaucracy
269. The strange Karmic odyssey of Saraswathiammal and son Raju.
268. Look Down Please
267. Opinion | Kerala Thiruvambady Temple assets to go under the hammer
266. Opinion | Captagon The Frontline drug in gaza
265. Opinion | The Working of Karma: The Law of Action and Reaction
264. Fire And Brimstone: Lessons From Gaza
263. Kamal Jumblatt – The Enigmatic Combatant From Lebanon Who Loved Kerala.
262. Opinion | Cocaine and Grenades: Could There Be More To The Crash That Killed Wagner Chief?
261. Opinion | First Came Cocaine Bear, Then Cocaine Cat and Now Cocaine Dogs
260. India-Canada Diplomatic Row: The White Man’s Burden
259. Retired bureaucrats and their insipid memoirs.
258. Opinion | Pilgrimages Sometimes Turn Out to be Lessons in Karma? - News18
257. Opinion | Who Will Defend the Defence Forces? - News18
256. Visitations by extraterrestrials...
255. Opinion | ‘Verbal Inquisition’ by Padres, Politicians and Pueriles
254. Opinion | For World Economies, Is it Time to Replace Developed, Developing with ‘Disintegrating’ & ‘Galloping’?
253. Exit of a Cop Anti-Drugs Crusader
252. Opinion | Chandrayaan-3: A Tour-De-Force
251. Exodus from Kerala, the beginning of a new ethos or loss of culture.
250. Kerala Assembly speaker AN Shamseer, his diatribe against Hinduism and how it was not a product of a ‘scientific mind’ but plain bigotry
249. Opinion | DMK’s Fight Against NEET: The True Picture in Tamil Nadu
248. Opinion | Confluence of Souls at Gaya
247. Opinion | Should Personal Liberty of Drug Traffickers Derail India’s Counternarcotics Efforts?
246. Opinion | Is The Judiciary Getting Weaponised?
245. Drug laced chocolates that make children float high as a kite.
244. Manipur In The Orbit Of The Golden Triangle
243. OPINION | Manipur Crisis: War on Drugs Or Drugs on War?
242. Student migration: Parents living life on high alert...
241. OPINION | After Aerial Drones, Seaborne Drug Trafficking By Narco Subs: The New Challenge Ahead
240. Atomic Dreams Of J. Robert Oppenheimer
239. Opinion | Pakistan’s Double Standards on Terrorism at SCO
238. Death Penalty No Deterrent for Drug-traffickers
235. Kerala students westward bound
234. Opinion | ‘Thirukkural’ Wisdom For Liberation From Drug Addiction
233. Intensifying internal warfare to make 2024 elections a cataclysmic event
232. Opinion | Analysing Drug Dimension in the Manipur Imbroglio
231. Dr Vandana Das: Kerala's first health professional martyr.....
230. Flavoured Condoms – Latest Addiction Among Youth to Get High
229. Drug-Trafficking – India Bound and Beyond-Clandestine Narcotics Warehouses
228. Kashmir outpaces Punjab as drug abuse cases cross one-million mark
227. Opinion | Love Jihad: Religious Ambivalence Versus Extreme Fundamentalism
226. The flow of Ecstasy into Kerala......
225. OPINION | Of Terror Brides & Love Jihad: Across the Globe and in India.
224. Making India a top educational destination.
223. Opinion | India-US-China Fentanyl Triangle and Opioid Crisis in America.
222. Opinion | Kerala’s Tryst With Rail Terror.
221. Divine Right of Western Nations to Meddle in India’s Affairs.
220. Opinion | Death by Chocolate or Death by Drugs?
219. Opinion | Siachen’s Climate Change Challenge: Time is Ripe to Start Using Military Robots.
218. Advent of child drug-traffickers in Kerala.
217. Zelenskyy’s angels on the frontlines.
216. Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics on Mangaluru’s Educational Hub.
215. Opinion | Harvesting Souls: Amritpal Singh and Punjab’s New Religious Conversion War.
214. Rubberised Votes: Why Kerala Bishop’s ‘promise’ to BJP rattles Cong, Marxists.
213. Bureaucrat-sacrifice to placate Brahmapuram spirits.
212. Lessons we learnt from Ukraine war.
211. George Soros: Thy Hand, Great Anarch.
210. One year of Ukraine invasion: Why the conflict zone is a fertile ground for drug use, trafficking.
209. India’s Spiralling Drug Addiction Problem: Where Are We Faltering?
208. Rampant drug abuse among Medical students exposed in Mangaluru.
207. Are our educational institutions becoming export-oriented units?
206. Advent of foreign universities in India
205. The Angry Himalayas: Who is responsible for the land subsidence crisis?
204. The Angry Himalayas: Who is responsible for the land subsidence crisis?
203. Kerala needs a university of nursing sciences.
202. Bangalore-Mangalore-Cochin Highway Drug-Trafficking.
201. Lethal convergence of narco-traffickers and narco-terrorists on Indian borders.
200. OPINION: Asia under penumbra of armageddon
199. Two Asian tigers, two distinctive roars
198. G20: India Should Spearhead New Anti-Narcotics Initiative
197. Early intervention strategies to delay initiation of substance use in Schools and Colleges
196. Drug trafficking is a major source of income for terrorism; Narco terrorism was exposed before Malayali IRS officer
( ‘ഭീകരവാദത്തിന് ലഹരികടത്ത് പ്രധാന വരുമാനം; നാര്‍കോ ഭീകരവാദം തുറന്നുകാട്ടി മുന്‍ മലയാളി ഐആര്‍എസ് ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥൻ )

195. Transnational Narcotics Threat and National Security
194. Drug dependence and abuse among Kerala school children.
193. Science of aeronautics in ancient India.
192. Terror groups are recruiting engineer-terrorists.
191. Happy Water– “Happiest Beverage Ever”.
190. The Afghan imbroglio – India needs to be Taliban-ready
189. The triangles and crescent of drug trafficking.
188. Use of new psychoactive substances in educational institutions.
187. India’s burgeoning stockpile of seized illicit heroin
186. Drones may replace suicide bombers
185. Forensic Testing of Narcotic Drugs VIII: 'Rohypnol' The Date - Rape Drug.
184. Transforming Lakshadweep into India's Hawaii.
183. Narco-terrorism kingpins: How to search for a black cat in a dark room.
182. ಜನನೀ ಜನ್ಮಭೂಮಿಶ್ಚ ಸ್ವರ್ಗಾದಪಿ ಗರೀಯಸಿ.
181. Musings on Motherland: THE RETURN OF THE NATIVE.
180. The continuing enigma of Unidentified Flying Objects.
179. Ketamine Or Pony Medicine Or Kit - Kat.
178. Needed, national strategy against domestic terrorism
177. Making higher education affordable and economical.
176. Saree – the wondrous garment of Hindu women.
175. Forensic Testing Of Drugs - V: Methamphetamine - ‘Breaking Bad’.
174. Ukraine medical education - Migraine for India.
173. Mao Zedong, the unbridled philanderer
172. Ukraine medical education in the doldrums.
171. Illicit use of drug: Effect on pregnancy and other aspects of youth.
170. What Maoists, Naxalites, Communists need to know about Mao Zedong.
169. Young girls on bad drugs.
168. “Special darshan” or blackmarketing?
167. Forensic Testing of Drugs – III: Lethal Horrors of Heroin – ‘God’s Own Medicine’
166. Mysterious Phenomenon of “Havana Syndrome”
165. Why you should worry when your neighbour is addicted to Yaba
164. India should resurrect heroes of the opium war
163. Forensic Detection of Narcotic Drugs -II: LSD-Drug of The Young.
162. Why some drugs are called ‘World is Yours’s.
160. Strategies that narco-terror gangs use.
159. Narcotics trafficking impacts national security.
158. Forensic detection of Narcotic Drugs: Peering through the cannabis smokescreen.
157. Temple Administration(s) in doldrums.
156. Need for Collegiate Recovery Program for drug addicted students.
155. Cruise Ship Drug Smuggling.
154. Glamour girls as drug peddlers and traffickers.
153. Celebrity Drug Abuse and Addiction: Film Cities Becoming Drug Cities.
152. Pay to pray: there is a limit to pushing the hindus against the wall in india.
151. Can Ocean Surveillance And Patrolling Curb Drug-Trafficking?
150. 'Ecstasy’ and ‘Sextasy’ in God's own country.
148. Sweet sixteen and drug abuse.
147. Here’s why the Mundra drug seizure is a cause of concern.
146. Drug trafficking in the Arabian Sea by Taliban Buccaneers.
145. Temples under dictatorship: Stigma on Indian Democracy.
144. Body Packing in International Drug Trafficking.
143. Social media and encrypted messaging apps in illicit narcotics trade.
142. Cocaine Girls: Drug abuse in the Film & Fashion Industry.
141. The Afghan Imbroglio – India needs to be Taliban-ready.
140. Narco drones and weapon drones: New threat on India’s firmament.
139. Cross-Border Terror Tunnels.
138. Drugs, teenagers and parenting.
137. Teenage Drug Abuse – Impact on Health.
136. Triumph of Narco-Terrorism in Afghanistan and Threat to India.
135. Role of Indian Universities in attainment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
134. Many cities in India getting ‘Narcopolis’ tag.
133. Chinese managed Hambantota Port of Sri Lanka: Emerging new threat for India.
132. Vice Chancellors should transform into Visionary Chancellors.
131. Drugs and Guns Invade Lakshadweep
130. The Corona Tandav – Biological war unleashed?
129. Hemp Cultivation Can Alleviate Farmer Distress
128. Time to set up National University of Narcotics Sciences (NUNS)?
127. Spike in Drug Trafficking Reflecting in Increased Destabilisation Activities
126. One University One Luminary
125. Can Cannabis smoke eradicate COVID Virus?
124. ‘Drug Courts’ are needed for India
123. India needs a national protocol for treatment of substance use disorders.
122. High on Cannabis! High on Sex.
121. Impact of alcohol and drug abuse on families.
120. Why parenting is important in the prevention of Drug Abuse
119. Conducting Effective Drug Awareness Campaigns for University Students
118. Vagamon Rave party – How drugs impact youth and students?
117. Some take drugs because they are Depressed, others are depressed because they take drugs
116. Like hospitals, should judiciary work 24/7 on all 365 days
115. The Angry Himalayas X : Extending theatre of conflict to South China sea
114. The Angry Himalayas- Part IX : Seismological Armageddon in the Making
113. Youth hooked on ‘Ecstasy’
112. The Angry Himalayas Part-VIII: Proliferating Chinatowns - Threat to Global Security
111. The Angry Himalayas - Part VII : Will Modi make Xi’s ’China Dream’ into a ‘China Nightmare’?
110. Kerala in the grip of 4G cocktail | Drugs | Girls | Gold.
109. The Angry Himalayas – Part VI : Eight Nation Alliance Crushes China in 1900.
108. Zero Drugs on Campus.
107. The Angry Himalayas - Part V : The Incredible Story of ‘Looty’ the Pekinese Toy - Dog
106. The Pineapple Express Magazine
105. The Don Who Made Two Empires to Clash
104. The Angry Himalayas - String of pearls vs Garland of Opium
103. The Angry Himalayas - Part II : Tibet Needs a Warrior - Monk or Dob-dobs
102. The Angry Himalayas Part III: Opium Wars - How China Lost Vladivostok to Russia
101. The Angry Himalayas - Part IV : Is It time for Opium War III?
100. Mangalore in Kowloon
99. Ibn Al Mujawir’s Hanuman Tunnel
98. Medical Insurance for Illicit drug Abuse
97. Why Indian students are flocking to Foreign Universities bankrolled by Indian Public Sector Banks?
96. Institution of Eminence and Institution of National Importance; Are such tags necessary?
95. Utilise gold seized by customs for COVID-19 fight.
94. Utilize Customs Gold Bonanza for Covid 19 fight.
93. Using Artificial Intelligence to Change the Future of Drug Addiction Treatment & Narcotics Detection
92. Empowering Indian Women - Nursing Profession Can Be a Game - Changer
91. Ramadan Kareem
90. A Vaastu House
89. L’affaire - Ashu & Yiju of Mangalore
88. Phalanx of Independents
87. Mission Angel Dust
86. The Pune Tea Ceremony
85. A close encounter with death
84. Mission Angel Dust & Rotary Club Hillside launch Anti-Drugs drive at Panambur Beach
83. Coast Guard DIG inaugurates Anti-Narcotics drive in Panambur Beach
82. To Hug or Not to Hug
81. I met my Guru on a Train Journey
80. Reclaiming my lost ancestral house
79. Mangaluru: Tax reform faces challenge, GST sees 'Surgical Strike'
78. Temptation at every stage - Narcotics from source to street
77. Zero Zero Zero : The deadly world of drug cartel
76. Bridge Course to nowhere - impending crisis in Medical Education
75. LSD Stamps- the new scourge
74. Of 'Padmavati' imbroglio and artistic licence
73. Disciplining a difficult generation – challenges & solutions
72. Tax reform faces challenge, GST sees 'Surgical Strike'
71. Drug Trafficking: A National Security Problem
70. India-China border dispute: Feed opium to the Dragon once again
69. 'City of the Young' Part VII - The Power to Change Our Mangaluru
68. 'City of the Young' Part VI: Making Fortunes from Flowers
67. 'City of the Young' Part V: An Ocean Terminal for Mangaluru
66. 'City of the Young' Part IV: Developing Mangaluru as Medical Tourism Destination
65. Drug Traffickers Will Not Meet You in Jail Nor Attend Your Funeral
64. 'City of the Young' Part III: Need for an Icon for Mangaluru
63. 'City of the Young' Part II: Building a world-class University City
62. 'City of the Young': Developing Mangaluru into world-class study space
61. Study drugs - How studious can they make you?
59. 26th June – United Nations Day against Drug Abuse
57. Drug Traffickers Will Not Meet You in Jail Nor Attend Your Funeral
56. Drug Trafficking - A National Security Problem
55. Lady K
54. Medicinal use of Cannabis across many cultures
53. Miaow Miaow
52. Study Drugs
51. What Went Wrong With Us?
50. War within the Bureaucracy
49. Why Blame Defenseless Adjudicators-FEBRUARY 15, 2016
48. Justice at Leisure-24 May,2016
47. One Man Show-march 30-2016
46. People should not fear Tax Administrators-July 11,2016
45. The Vicious Cycle of Annual Budget-APRIL 18, 2016
44. The Climate Change-NOVEMBER 16, 2015
43. Why no KYC norms for Participatory Notes-OCTOBER 26, 2015
42. Change Bureaucracy Change India
41. Designer Drugs-To push yourself to the edge
40. Do we not need a Ministry of Essential Commodities-DECEMBER 09, 2015
39. Tax collectors masquerading as Tax-FEBRUARY 09, 2015
38. Does your Decision represent viewpoint of Department-JULY 30, 2014
37. Does your Decision represent viewpoint of Department-JULY 30, 2014
36. Common sleeping pill has stunning dark side-MAY 12, 2014.pdf
35. Forbidding ramparts of Swiss banking secrecy laws-APRIL 01, 2014
34. Trade-Based Money Laundering-An Impediment to Trade Facilitation-OCTOBER 20, 2014
33. A New Border Paradigm-AUGUST 25, 2014
32. Underground Internet Drug Trafficking-FEBRUARY 03, 2014
31. Mid Career Training Program-JUNE 19, 2013
30. Mid Career Training Program-JUNE 27, 2013
29. Mid Career Training Program-JUNE 30, 2013
28. Iron Triangle-DECEMBER 9, 2013
27. Public servants-SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
26. The value of Training-JUNE 21, 2013
25. Profiteering Buccaneers-OCTOBER 15, 2012
24. A One Rupee Karmic Lesson-MARCH 26, 2012
23. The Code of Dandamis-DECEMBER 04, 2012
22. Valley of flowers-JUNE 13, 2012
21. Amongst The Most Happiest People-AUGUST 13, 2012
20. Failure of The Drug Control Regime-JUNE 26, 2011
19. Miaow Miaow-MAY 23, 2011
18. Narco terrorism and terror funding-JUNE 25,2010
17. A peep into the working of the Inter-08 Aug 2005
16. Feed opium to The Dragon - October 05, 2009
15. Feed opium to the Dragon once again - July 7, 2017
14. Customised Large Tax Paying Units make better sense for the new concept-19 Sep 2005.pdf
13. Date rape drug-10 Jul 2006.pdf
12. ADeath at the hands of law enforcement agencies-31 Oct 2005.pdf
11. Keralites losing their Heads-09 Jun 2006
10. The dynamics of drug trafficking-23 Jan 2006
9. The Terror of Colombia
8. The tyranny of systems-27 Mar 2006
7. Unbidden I speak-22 Mar 2005
6. Ombudsman for taxes is the need of the hour-14 Jun 2005
5. Tax Literature-14 Feb 2005
4. Taxpayer's Bill of Rights-20 Jul 2005
3. AK-47 The Lord of War; Can you recognise it-03 Oct 2005
2. Ethics & Financial Engineering
1. Circumventing Justice – Emerging fad of India